Twenty Thousand Maniacs

Sometimes it’s good to go a little wild.


In the future, our world is a prison, and its inhabitants are dying out. The dwindling survivors are held under tight control, ruled over and driven to the brink of madness by off-world autocrats.

The only option for escape comes in the form of a nuclear reactor secretly converted into a transporter to a parallel world.

Twenty thousand remaining survivors are brave or crazy enough to be teleported into another world, only to find that it’s worse than the one they escaped, a dark landscape filled with horrific monsters.

If anyone can free the parallel world and make it home, it’s got to be these TWENTY THOUSAND MANIACS.


• unique Maniacs generated from 300+ assets, some rarer than others, where your NFT is a character transported to a parallel world

• a competition over land in the parallel world — every NFT holder who plays will end up with some land, although some may win more land than others

• each sector of land has a random quantity of “Pieces”, the unnatural resource of the parallel world, which landholders can combine to craft weapons, tools, and other useful items, even cyborg upgrades which grant them special skills

• MMORPG with ongoing storyline overseen by veteran AAA game designer whose identity will be revealed before the mint… and there will be regular player votes affecting the content of the game

Additional perks to Maniac holders:

Maniac Spawn: breed Maniacs up to a possible total of 20,000 Maniacs

Giveaways and whitelist spots on partner projects

NFT launchpad for Maniac holders

And more to be voted on by the community

As a Maniac holder, you'll help direct the project, game, story, and more

Discover alien environments unlike any you've ever seen. Discover their secrets and treasures, and gain powers and glory. Join other Maniacs on adventures — or duel with them as rivals: other Maniacs can be friends or foes. Murder and rob them, or befriend or romance them. Destroy monsters — or tame them. Be the first to explore unexpected new areas of the world. Build societies of Maniacs, go to war with other societies of Maniacs. A persistent world of interaction. Make choices that affect not only your destiny but the destiny of the world.

Go WILD in the ultimate sandbox.


The first Maniacs.

Original Maniac
Media Maniac
Community Maniac

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